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Contribution to British Economy

Beers Contribution to the British Economy Each time you drink a beer, especially in a pub, you are contributing positively Britain Plc.  Beer and pubs contribute a significant amount to the economy – £22.9 billion annually. 1 job in brewing generates 21 jobs in associated businesses including 18 jobs in pubs, 1 job in agriculture, 1 job in the supply

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Beer Day Britain Partners Grateful thanks to all our partners, colleagues, business associates and friends who have donated time and effort to establish Beer Day Britain as a national celebration. Barnstorm Social Barnstorm Social is a social and digital media agency led by Laurence Creamer. Laurence donated his time and considerable expertise to improve Beer Day Britain’s social media presence.

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Who is Behind BDB

WHO IS BEHIND BEER DAY BRITAIN? Beer Day Britain was instigated in 2015 by Jane Peyton (award winning beer sommelier, drinks educator, broadcaster, author, events producer and founder of the School of Booze). Jane is the driving force and project manager.  Beer Day Britain is supported by all the major organisations in the beer industry including Britain’s Beer Alliance, Society

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How To Brew Beer

BEER INGREDIENTS & How to Brew Beer On paper it looks so simple – combine water, cereal, and hops together in a big pan and boil it for an hour or so.  Cool the liquid and wait for wild yeast in the air to land or add cultured yeast so it ferments the sugars in the brew.  Result – beer. 

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Beer Day BritainAnnually on June 15thBeer Day BritainAnnually on June 15thBeer Day BritainAnnually on June 15th Hello Beer Lovers Welcome to the website for Beer Day Britain, the UK’s national beer day annually on June 15th. Celebrate Britain’s national alcoholic drink and spread beery love throughout the land by joining the National Cheers To Beer at 7pm (19.00h) on June

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What is Beer Day Britain

What is Beer Day Britain? What is Beer Day Britain? Beer Day Britain is an annual celebration on June 15th for all beer lovers and it celebrates all beer including traditional ales, mainstream lagers, and limited edition craft beer and everything in between no matter where it is brewed or who owns the brewing company. June 15th is significant because

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Merchandise If you have been there but haven’t bought the t-shirt here is your chance.  And you can add a poster and song too! View T-Shirt on Model Cheers To Beer T-Shirt Available in Black 100% organic and ethical cotton t-shirt. Earth Positive brand. See here for more of the ethical credentials of Earth Positive. (One fit for all genders)

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Cheers to beer The Singing Competition Are you ready to prove that Beer Day Britain’s got talent? Are you a member of the top pub singing team in the land? Be part of the group that sings the most enthusiastic rendition of the beer anthem ‘Cheers To Beer’ during the National Cheers To Beer at 7pm on June 15th. To

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No and Low Alchohol

No & Low Alcohol Beer Say hello to some great tasting, flavoursome and satisfying No and Low alcohol beers.  It is a fast-growing sector where choice is no longer just a dusty bottle of lager that tastes likes cardboard.  Now there are dozens of brewers producing pale ales, stout, porter, brown ale, mild, wheat beer, sours, golden ale, fruit, bitter,

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